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Commercial Sandblasting

We at Sinister Kustoms are fully equipped to provide you with all your commercial sandblasting and industrial coating and painting needs on site, or at our shop. Our mobile 600 lb Industrial Sandblaster is capable of any media to smoothen surfaces and remove rust, paint, and contaminants. With a Bucket Truck, Picker and full mobile tenting also available, we can take on any job from farm equipment, heavy equipment, industrial equipment, car parts and frames, rims, and more.

We offer zero clean-up media, or if you prefer a sand recovery service can be arranged. 


Sandblasting is a process that involves spraying abrasive particles such as sand or glass against surfaces such as buildings or industrial equipment. The abrasive nature of the particles eliminates the unwanted materials from the surface. By doing so, it offers many benefits, such as:


Removal of rust, scale, paints, stains, glues, grease, and dirt

Preparation of surfaces for painting and refinishing

Rejuvenation base material for surface finishing


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